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About Us

TrialComp.com is a blog for modern people. A blog that reviews tech news and digital lifestyle. Articles that we serve will help the users of the gadget on Indonesia to be able to maximize the functionality of the gadget. We provide references to enhance the use of gadgets for various purposes based on user needs and desires, such as photography, social media, gaming, productivity, etc. The information presented can be used a reference for readers who want to live in a modern style.


This site aims to provide only a general view about the surrounding world of computers and related information. There are a lot of reviews that may not relate directly to the world of computers, yet there are still dependencies with it, and also we are not constantly going to discuss about the world of computers. We see there is still much that could be reviewed as well as to the relationship of the computer world with other things. But we’re not going to give it a further apart from the theme of the computer world that has nothing to do with it.