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Isolating The World in Conceptual Pictures

Isolating The World in Conceptual Pictures

A mystifying world of photography where concepts are used through pictures to explain certain things is termed as conceptual photography. An ivory tower can be focused that remains isolated with the rest of the picture. In the picture the tower just perfectly blends with the rest of the picture. While capturing a picture with a photography camera a lot of things like concept, subject, interpretation, symbols and aesthetics are used and scanner and laser printers can be used.


In this type of photography the concept used in the picture is of primary importance. It tries to convey some kind of message to the viewer or it can be a political advert or a social commentary or even an emotional outcry. Some type of abstraction can be used in it as it is an expression of the idea that is captured.


A lot of graphical images are used in this kind of photography that is required to represent the ideas, movements, moods. Strong symbols should be used that should have well established connotations that are used from strawberry pink lipstick to a bleeding heart, shamrocks and clovers to a green dollar bill.


A lot of photographers are confused as to what kind of symbols should be used in it. If universal symbols are used then the pictures can be corresponding to the concepts and it should be interpreted by everyone. You can also play with various ambiguities that offer different kinds of meaning to it. It leads to a further distinction in the picture.


It is up to the photographer to decide whether the picture has to be captured subjectively or objectively. some pictures and some photographers claim that their pictures have just one concept and one meaning regardless of the background. You can also play with some Jungian archetypes and convey some very strong meaning for the pictures.


The main goal that the photographer needs to convey is whether the same picture when viewed by different people will they come out with the same expression or the same conclusion? While there are some other photographers that may use subjective pictures that are open for interpretation for different people. This kind of a subjective approach to click the pictures is more realistic as it is never possible for different people to make out just one meaning of the picture. Try to click a picture with a photography camera and scan it with a scanner and print the images using laser printers that when viewed by people they can conjure up some images or some experiences of their own.

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