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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

The end of February, Samsung released its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy and Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The improvement of different themes in this series exist in the field of the camera.

Yes, the advantages of the camera are the main selling points in the Galaxy and Galaxy S9-S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
We also had the opportunity to try out this device and its review. Here is a brief smartphone review of the Galaxy S9 Plus.


Body and screen

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

In the body, there is no visible difference between the GalaxyS9 Plus with its predecessor, the Galaxy S8 Plus. Both are equally bezelless design without carrying the Home button or known as the Infinity Display by Samsung.

Physically, the Galaxy S9 Plus have the screen covering 6.2 inch aspect ratio: 18.5:9. On either side of the screen there is the arch or edge that makes the screen gets worse feels spacious.

The second main differentiator lies in precisely this smartphone body behind it. Yes, Samsung claims to have to listen to the input of consumers and move the finger print scanner to the bottom of the camera. Before the fingerprint scanner is placed to the right of the camera. Consequently, the user is now more easily reach the fingerprint scanner and open the lock screen of the device.

Other differences, there are two cameras on the rear body of the Galaxy S9 Plus. Moreover, Samsung is still using glass materials in the flagship smartphone.

Related keys, there is no difference than placing Galaxy S8 Plus. On the right side there is still the Power button also functions as the lock button.

On the left side, there is the volume button up and down. Then in addition to the volume buttons, there is a button that serves Bixby wake virtual assistant Samsung Bixby.

Then, on the side of it there is a hybrid SIM card slot can also be used to insert a microSD. There are also two antenna lines on either side of it.

Switch to the down side, one of the good things in the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is this smartphone is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Beside it, there are USB ports type C for charging and data transfer.

New stuff on Galaxy S9 Plus is the presence of the speaker beside the USB port type c. Audio Galaxy S9 Plus has adopted AKG’s technology, which some time ago was acquired by the South Korean technology vendor.

Galaxy S9 Plus as its predecessor, provided a Super AMOLED screen technology which makes the output on the screen become more colorful, bright, clear, and very pleasant to look at.


Specifications and performance

samsung s9 plus

In performance, the Galaxy S9 Plus as a premium smartphone does not disappoint. This smartphone is able to perform multitasking opened many applications without lag.

Just information, Galaxy S9 Plus has been powered by the Android OS 8.0 Oreo. Supported by the processor Exynos 9810. In addition to top-class processor performance, the device is also supported by the 6 GB of RAM.

About internal memory, Galaxy S9 Plus has three types of memory, namely 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. With this storage space, to save a lot of smartphone applications also continued task without ngelag.

We perform testing with the application benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark, the result of Galaxy S9 Plus scored 246,484 points.

We tried this smartphone playing PUBG Mobile, the result is directly directed to high quality. In addition, any non-jamming games the lag.

For the battery, this smartphone had the powered by 3500 mAh. For smartphones with a 6.2 inches and almost a day perform multitasking every day, Galaxy S9 Plus battery can be quite frugal.

This Smartphone can take almost a whole day. Some routine tasks such as doing for streaming music for 4 hours, check active on social media, to send an email, and use the camera.

When fully charged at 08.00 and used to perform the above tasks, the power of the Galaxy S9 Plus can last up to around 16.00 by leaving power at 30 percent.

It takes about an hour to make a full 3.500mAh battery when it is charged with fast charging feature.


The main selling value for this smartphone is the camera. Yes, Samsung enhances the ability of the Galaxy S9 Plus camera with two main cameras.

In accordance with the tagline “The Camera. Reimagine” that it carries, the Galaxy S9 Plus is intended to create various epic moments with its camera capabilities. There are several new capabilities that were not previously on the Galaxy S9 camera.


Dual Aperture for Low Light Photos

Dual Aperture capability, aka two openings on one of the 12MP cameras. The aperture is f2.4 and f1.5.

With a large opening f1.5, the camera can get more light so that when used in a dark or dim (low light), the picture can be brighter.

Meanwhile, f2.4 openings accommodate photography in normal conditions. Moments when normal light conditions will be automatically captured by this opening.


Super Slow Motion

Galaxy S9 Plus is equipped with super slow-motion video recording capabilities. With this smartphone, users can record fast moments by recording 960 frames per second (fps) at a maximum resolution of 720 pixels.

With this super slow-motion recording mode, recording a fast moment lasting 0.2 seconds can be six seconds. Users can also record up to 20 super-slow-motion moments in a video.

However, based on a number of experiments we did, users must pay attention to the conditions of light when they want to record in super slow-motion mode.

The reason, super slow-motion recording can only be done in bright light conditions, especially sunlight. We tried to take super slow-motion moments in the room with lights, the results were not too good because in the video the lights seemed to flicker and the images were dark.

There are two recording modes, namely auto and manual. Based on testing, to record super slow-motion moments with auto mode is indeed more difficult because the user must first predict what moments will be recorded. If it’s late, the moment will miss.

It’s easier to take super slow-motion moments with manual mode because users can record fast moments according to their choice.

Uniquely, the results of super slow-motion recording Galaxy S9 Plus can also be modified to be the reverse moment (reverse), added sound, cut, and made wallpaper on the smartphone.


AR Emoji

Combining Augmented Reality (AR) and Emoji technology, Samsung’s new feature is able to change the user’s facial expressions

The Galaxy S9 Plus is also equipped with an augmented reality (AR) camera that can scan a user’s face and change it to an animated version.

Users can store 18 GIF-format stickers and with various expressions which can then be sent to various applications, including users who don’t use the Galaxy S9 Plus device.

One other thing, the Galaxy S9 Plus presents a manual mode (Pro) that makes photography with a smartphone like photography with a DSLR camera. Various settings ranging from ISO, aperture, tone, manual focus, white balance, and others.

The Galaxy S9 Plus, which is supported by a dual camera, can also produce live focus photos that can be adjusted as in the Galaxy Note 8. Several other photo modes such as Food, hyperlapse, slow-motion, and sports to take quick movements.


Other advantages

The increase of the Galaxy S9 Plus is not only in terms of the camera, but also in terms of Bixby’s smarter virtual assistants, security features, and speakers.

Bixby Vision

One of the Galaxy S9 Plus updates is Bixby Vision which is real-time when used to translate. This is thanks to the support of AR technology on this device’s camera.

Security Intelligence Scan feature

One of the security features that Samsung added to the Galaxy S9 Plus is the Scan Intelligence.

This feature is a new biometric authentication system, where smartphones use iris scanners, front cameras and machine learning to unlock smartphones faster just by looking at them.

When used, Intelligence Scan will use the front camera to create 2D maps of the user’s face.

If it matches one of the data that has been recorded, for example the face, the Galaxy S9 Plus will be open. But if it doesn’t match, the iris scanner will unlock the smartphone.

Then, if the iris scanner also fails, Samsung will combine the two sensors to recognize the user.

Meanwhile, machine learning will be used to analyze sensors, including ambient light conditions to determine which is most appropriate for unlocking the device.

We tried this feature in low-light conditions (the lights are turned off), unique just by looking at the screen, the smartphone can immediately be unlocked quickly. This certainly makes it easier for users who want to open the device.


One new feature that makes the entertainment experience on the Galaxy S9 Plus more indulgent is the audio technology.

The Galaxy S9 Plus is supported by high-quality speakers who adopt AKG and Dolby Atmos technology. With a load speaker, users are guaranteed not to need Bluetooth speakers to listen to music from the Galaxy S9 Plus.



Even though the price is quite expensive, which is 739.99$ for variants 64 GB, 789.99$ for variants 128 GB, 859.99$ for variants 256 GB, the Galaxy S9 Plus is able to meet user needs well.

More than that, the Galaxy S9 Plus camera is very reliable in any conditions, whether it’s daytime, nighttime in low light, until the user wants to create epic moments with super slow-motion recording mode. Although quite many who deplore the front camera, we are quite satisfied with the results of the Galaxy front camera S9 Plus that stay sharp and look natural.

Not only that, for those who like mobile photography, the Pro Mode Galaxy S9 Plus is also worth trying. Because the arrangement of the Galaxy S9 Plus camera is very complete and the results of the photos are not much different from the results of DSLR camera photos.

The security features of the Galaxy S9 Plus with the addition of Auto Intelligence allow smartphones to be opened faster with a combination of iris scanner and front camera security features through machine learning assistance.

The Galaxy S9 Plus also has highly reliable speakers to support the user’s love of entertainment supported by AKG and Dolby Atmos technology.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor the Galaxy S9 Plus still covered with glass body which, though beautiful and elegant, are also vulnerable to break when dropped. For a smartphone as beautiful as the Galaxy S9 Plus it would be a pity to cover its elegant body with a protective casing.

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