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How To Avoid The Reuploader Label on YouTube

How To Avoid The Reuploader Label on YouTube

Lots of content creator that is not yet familiar with the fair use that is on YouTube, and you might be one of them. What is fair use? that is a legal doctrine made by YouTube that allows content creator to use material that can be protected without having to accept it from the right to have rights.

Know Fair Use

TheRunLіstChannel is one of the YouTube channels that applies fair use, where in the midst of vіdeo, they use other people in the form of reports. On the official page, YouTube says:
“The report is about the number of other uses that are considered reasonable. In this video, commentators discussed the report that was wrong from a TV station and that it had become the main topic. The commentator uses the right amount to accept the subject from his report.”

From the YouTube statement on top of that, it is understood and it is possible to get people to create the same content as long as they fulfill a number of conditions. What are the conditions?
  1. Vіdeo must be new content
    The purpose of vіdeo has to be new content is the vіdeo that you are just becoming a complement, as what is made by TheRunLіstChannel.
  2. Duration must be short (more or less below 30 seconds)
    What you mean is that you can only take vіdeo correctly, so that YouTube doesn’t consider it as a reupload.
How about Calon Sarjana Channel?

It’s indisputable the fact that it is vіdeos, from Calon Sarjana vіdeo, which is usually from other people. However, Calon Sarjana are not reuploaders. Why? Because what they do is included in fair use, so YouTube doesn’t consider it as a reupload. If you look at prospective graduates, most of the choices they make are from some parts or pieces of vіdeo which are no more than 15 seconds.

Is that the key?

That’s right, even though they take video from other people, Calon Sarjana are not considered to violate YouTube’s rights because other people’s videos they take are of very short duration. If you make a YouTube channel like Calon Sarjana, YtCrash, and other channels that are similar, you might make it because it’s still not too late and the opportunity is wide open.
But before making a channel like them, you must read thoroughly about fair use so that you don’t misunderstand it. And to get to know more about fair use, it is only possible to use “Good Use.”

That’s the discussion about How To Avoid The Label Reuploader on YouTube. Hopefully useful

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