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How To Easily Delete The Background Image

How To Easily Delete The Background Image

Not everyone can delete background images because they have various reasons. There are two of the most common reasons, namely :
  1. Don’t know how
  2. Didn’t have the application
However, all of that is not a problem because you can take advantage of technological sophistication to remove the background image that you have.

Easy Ways to Delete Background Images

There are two ways to enlarge the background image, namely:
  1. Through Plxlr
  2. Through Remove.bg

To do this, do the following below.


How To Easily Delete The Background Image

  1. Open Plxlr, then open the Plxlr editor.
  2. Open image from the computer or file > open image.
  3. When the image opens, make sure you double click on the background to unlock it.
  4. After that, select the wand tool, then touch on the background image you want to delete and press delete on the keyboard.
  5. Make sure all the background is erased cleanly, and when it’s done press Ctrl + D to cancel the layer selection.
  6. Save the results with click file> save> and PNG format.

The Process complete. easy isn’t it ?


How To Easily Delete The Background Image


The second method is much faster, because you only need to upload a photo or image that you want to delete the background.
  1. Open Remove.bg.
  2. Upload photos or enter a URL.
  3. Wait for a few seconds and the results will appear.
  4. The process complete. Very fast right?

Although Remove. Very fast in removing image background, this site still has a disadvantage, there is :

  1. The results are sometimes good and sometimes poor
  2. Not all photos or images can be removed the background

What caused it ? Remove.bg is a new site and is still in the development stage, so the results provided are satisfactory and there are those that are not. Remove.bg itself uses technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to separate the foreground and background. So even though it’s not very impressive at the moment to give the final results, it’s a good idea to keep remembering the Remove.bg because it will definitely be very helpful in editing images.

The two methods above can be a solution for those of you who don’t know how to delete the background image and don’t have a background eraser application, like Photoshop.
That’s a discussion about How To Easily Delete The Background Image. Hopefully Helpful

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