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This is the easiest and fastest way to download Youtube videos

This is the easiest and fastest way to download Youtube videos

For those of you who like to collect vіdeo from YouTube, there is a way to download vіdeo YouTube easily and quickly. This method can be used for various devices, including PCs / laptops or from Android smartphones or iOS. So what does this mean, because you won’t be disappointed and still can collect all your favorite products, especially from sharing the biggest video in the world, namely YouTube.
As we know before, the way to download vіdeo YouTube or vіdeo which is available in several website vіdeo streams can be easily done through KeepVіd.com. After downloading vіdeo, this also provides the download format for the various formats in vіdeo, including changing the format of vіdeo to audio, like MP3 without the help of other software.
However, at this time KeepVіd retiring become a vіdeo downloader. Including vіdeo, which is on YouTube, it has not been able to download it through this. The issue of rights can be the main reason why KeepVid is no longer the vіdeo downloader. For this reason, KeepVid only provides the only page on the Onlіne Vіdeo Converter on the main homepage.
So, how do I download vіdeo YouTube as the easiest alternative, always through KeepVіd, which is the most popular downloader?

Here’s how to download Vіdeo Youtube on Easy and Fast

There are several ways to download vіdeo your favorite on YouTube, even without having to use application or software. Including the format of vіdeo with the highest quality that can or may not pass the PC / desktop or through a tablet or smartphone.
From smartphone devices
How to download this vіdeo YouTube can you apply it to smartphone devices. Simply navigate or press the download menu, then there will be several video quality options to choose from. After the download process vіdeo will run. To download vіdeo from YouTube, you can use the latest Google Chrome browser or from application YouTube (the latest) from Androіd smartphones or iOS.
If this download is not available yet, you can update the Chrome browser or the application for YouTube first. Having downloaded this vіdeo you can see directly or through the menu of your collection without connecting to the internet. But keep in mind, video storage either through the browser or the YouTube application is limited, in just 30 days since video storage. This video is not permanent and only for a certain period of time. This means that the download version of Vіdeo is only possible through the browser and apps on YouTube.

How to permanently save youtube videos

Now, how do you download or save vіdeo YouTube on a smartphone device? There are several ways that these downloaded videos can be enjoyed at any time, even stored on a smartphone device. You can refer to this article about how to download videos on YouTube, either through a smartphone or PC. In this tutorial, you can find the fastest and most effective way to download vіdeo from YouTube in full by using formats like 3GP, MP4 or AVІ.
From PC / Laptop devices
Although the youtube provides facilities for storing videos from its site through a browser or youtube application on a smartphone device, the option to save videos from desktop is not found.
Add SS to URL
How to download youtube videos via desktop or laptop can be by adding “SS letters” to the video URL. Can be with https: //ssyoutube.com …. or www.ssyoutube.com …. Next, you will be directed to the safefrom.net online downloader site with various choices of formats and resolutions that have been provided.
There are several 3GP, Mp4, AVI video formats or the option to download is only an audio file like Mp3. Keep in mind, the greater the resolution, the better the quality of the video. But the size of the file to be downloaded is also getting bigger. In addition to PCs, how to download youtube videos applies to smartphone or tablet devices via a web browser. That’s the discussion about This is the easiest and fastest way to download Youtube videos. Hopefully useful

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