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Youtube Annotation Feature Will Be Removed From Android

Youtube Annotation Feature Will Be Removed From Android

YouTube annotation feature will end soon on January 15, 2019. The announcement, which is made directly by YouTube through the YouTube Help Forum page. YouTube is indeed quite good at updating its features and deleting or discarding old features that are not useful. What caused the YouTube annotation feature to be discarded ? the main reason that the YouTube annotation feature was removed was that it didn’t work on mobile devices, which are currently used by most viewers to watch videos. YouTube says:

“More than 70% of the time watching comes from cellular, and that number continues to grow. Because the annotation only functions on the desktop, they only reach few people. “

And what you should know is that the YouTube annotation feature has been disabled since November 2018, so you can no longer make or view videos using the annotation feature.

Substitute annotation feature

Although the annotation feature is discarded, YouTube has provided a solution, where they advise users to use the card feature and the final screen. YouTube said, if the card and the final screen are used simultaneously will provide five times better benefits than annotations to keep the audience on your channel.

This is how to activate the card and the final screen:

  1. Enter your YouTube account.
  2. Klіk YouTube Studіo.
  3. The other features → status and function.
  4. Click the video manager and select edit on the video you want to install the feature card and the final screen
  5. Please install the feature card and the final screen on the video.

The conclusion

In the Help Forum, YouTube says that they have invested heavily on YouTube Studio. They also said, some low-quality feature will soon disappear at the beginning of 2019. Previously, YouTube had removed the video editor feature. In fact, if it is compared with annotation, the function of video editor is more beneficial. In the next few months, maybe there will be an old feature that will also remove by YouTube. So, we just wait, what is the old feature they will remove.

That’s the discussion about the Youtube Annotation Feature Will Be Removed From Android. It will be deleted from Android. Hopefully useful

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