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YouTube Kids Feature that Makes Satisfied Parents

YouTube Kids Feature that Makes Parents Satisfied

The YouTube feature is quite effective in protecting children from the existence of negative content. Already using YouTube Kіds? if you haven’t immediately used it. Why? Because by using YouTube kids, you will feel calm or not worry when children access a vіdeo.

YouTube Features That Makes Satisfied Parents

On official YouTube page say, that there are seven features that can be use, including:

  • Child profile
  • History
  • Timer
  • Watch on TV
  • Blocking
  • Search controls
  • Vіdeo reporting

However, to make you calm when your children are accessing the video is enough with only two features, namely the search control feature and the timer. Why is that? this is the explanation.

1. Search Control

When you create an account on YouTube, you will be given two chances, that is, it will enable search and disable-search. If you already have activated the search, then you can replace it in the settings by not making it possible to search.

The steps are:

1. Click the lock.
2. There is a setting, and it is practically non-traceable.

By deactivating search, at least vіdeo 8 years and above will not be easy to enter on the YouTube homepage, so children will not see it.

2. Timer

In YouTube, there is a feature that takes a break to remain users to stop watching YouTube. The function of take a break is indeed good, but the perfomance is less effective. As with the timer feature on youtube kids, this feature really works effectively where the timer feature can stop access when the specified time is up. To activate the timer feature, you can follow the methods below.

The steps are:

1. Click the lock.
2. Select a timer, and set the time according to your wishes.

When the time runs out, the application will be locked and only the parents can open it.

Also Secure Google Search

After successfully securing children from the dangers of negative content in the form of vіdeo, you also have to secure children from the dangers of negative content originating from the search. How is it done? You just need SafeSearch on the Google search engine.

The conclusion

By relying on search controls and timers on youtube kids, you can relax when your kids watch videos. However, what must be remembered is that there is no perfect system and inappropriate videos can get away. But if you have to choose youtube kids and regular youtube, of course youtube kids deserve to be chosen, because it works better.

Regular Youtube does have a limited mode feature. However, this feature does not work properly, because negative content still escapes. That’s the discussion about the Youtube Kids Feature That Makes Parents Satisfied. Hopefully Helpful

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